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Are you ready to feel energized every day?

Our community is a safe and supportive space for women to grow, share, learn and lift each other up on our journeys to better health and sugar freedom.

Tired of struggling on your own? Look no further, sister! Our community is loaded with resources, support, accountability, motivation and everything else you need to get back in control of your health and happiness for good.

Our health is at the center of everything. It either allows us to live life to the fullest or it holds us back from what we really want.

It’s your choice.

Sugar controlled me and was something I consumed for everything- every celebration, to fill emotional voids and all the spaces in between. 

I noticed a huge difference in my energy, cravings and even the way my body looked after just a week going sugar-free! I am now in month 4 of being sugar-free and it’s become SO easy and my body is thriving! I’m excited to continue my journey with this group and have their support. 


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Who's this community for?

The Sugar Freedom Collective is for you if:

~ You struggle with feeling in control of your sugar cravings

~ You have frequent mood swings and PMS

~ You experience afternoon energy crashes

~ You want accountability and motivation to detox from sugar 

~ You want to learn to cook healthier but aren’t sure where to start

~ You struggle with guilt and negative self-talk

~ You’re ready to stop yo-yo dieting and want to lose weight in a healthy way

If you resonate with ANY of these, our community is here to lift you up and help you get the results you’ve always dreamed of!

Being a member of Sugar Freedom Collective has been informative, educational, inspiring, and motivating! It’s a supportive group for me and a place to learn and grow nutritionally mentally and physically. I love this group!


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What's in it for you?



The incredible support of other women who know exactly how you feel every step of the way. We all know the ups, the downs, and the challenges that come with living a sugar moderate lifestyle. Let’s lift each other up, celebrate together, and help each other grow along the way!


Making any change in your life, especially something as big as staying away from sugar, can be a lonely road. It’s very common for your friends and family to not understand. Our community will always have your back! 


Let’s face it, we can all use a little accountability now and then. Maybe you’re trying to build a meal planning habit, get out for a morning workout, or stop snacking in the evenings. Whatever your goals are, we will keep you accountable when you need it most!


Feeling a bit stuck? We all get in a rut now and again. We’re here to give you the kick in your but that you need to get moving and remotivate so that you can rock your health goals in no time!


Knowledge really is key. Any change or lifestyle choice needs to start with knowledge. Our community is loaded with all the resources, teachings, and videos that you need to stay motivated as you work towards your goals.


Delicious recipes, templates, downloads, cheat sheets, apps, monthly expert interviews, meal plans, and any other resources you may need along your journey.

Danielle is a great coach! I’ve learned to live with sugar, remove it as much as I can from my life and still indulge from time to time without guilt. I’ve learned a lot since being a part of the Sugar Freedom Collective!


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What's inside?

Our community is jam-packed with everything you need to feel uplifted, supported, and energized on your journey to sugar freedom. Amazing community, resources, recipes, support, accountability, motivation + more!

It’s time to stop trying to do it all on your own.

Are you ready to feel excited, energized and confident in your own skin every day? Are you ready to kick your sugar cravings and get back in control of your health for good?

The Sugar  freedom Collective Awaits!


Monthly LIVE expert interviews


Extensive library of mouthwatering sugar-free recipes + NEW recipe every month!


Unlimited support in our private Facebook community


Monthly LIVE group coaching calls


Huge library of meal plans & shopping lists


Library of guided reflections to dig deep


Extensive library of templates, tips, resources, videos, downloads + more...


Exclusive member only discounts


Meet The Experts


Every month we’ll be hosting a LIVE interview in our community with a new expert. These interviews will be a time for each of us dive deep, learn from a trusted source, and get personalized advice and answers.

Avery Herbert – Clinical Herbalist

Avery is the proud owner of Mindful Medicine. As a herbalist, she helps clients get to the root cause of their health concerns and uses herbs, diet and lifestyle shifts to bring the body back into balance. Her favorite ways to use herbs are for increasing healthy elimination through the digestive system, particularly when there are mental-emotional aspects that go along with it. She’s our expert in all things poop! Learn more about Avery here.

Ellie Short – Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Ellie is the founder of the wellness company Whole Happy, which provides a variety of services including workshops, corporate consulting, and one-on-one guidance. With a strong theme of mindfulness, Ellie provides a balanced and broad-spectrum approach to food, movement, and health in general. Ellie shares these insights, as well as her passion for delicious gastronomy, as an instructor at a local cooking school and through her blog. Learn more about Ellie here.

Lynn- Psychologist & Counsellor

Lynn helps humans with hidden potential overcome fear, deepen connections, get consistent, and embrace ancient spiritual wisdom to start living aligned with their purpose. With a Master’s Degree in Psychology and training in Shamanic and Wiccan traditions, Lynn offers a unique combination of psychotherapy and old-world magic in her practice. Learn more about Lynn here.

Deanna Deacon – Spiritual Mentor & Life Coach

Deanna coaches women to awaken their feminine intuition and re-emerge as their deeply powerful & highly influential Goddess Selves. Through intuitive coaching, public speaking, business mentorship, goddess retreats & energy healing, you will re-learn how to show up authentically & honestly as a modern-day Goddess. Learn more about Deanna here. 

Lisa Michaud – Success Coach

Lisa is committed to showing women how to have a career AND a life that they love. Her expertise lies in teaching her clients how to create the right goals, habits, and opportunities that allow them to achieve and live multidimensional success. She is also passionate about creating a healthier and cleaner world by teaching people about the power of essential oils. Learn more about Lisa here.

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